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Pierre Aumont, more intimately known as Dre, was born July 25th, 1986 in Chicago, IL. Andre's parents and numerous close relatives sang, modeled and/or played musical instruments. So there's no wonder why he became fascinated with art at such a young age. 

"Thank you for catching me. As a person who dealt with depression and continues to push through anxiety on a daily basis, I sincerely say thank you! I wish I wouldn't have given up on you after high school.

Backstory: Years back as I began climbing the corporate ladder I became more and more depressed and anxious. I tried seeing a doctor, I tried xanax (took myself off, that shit got weird), I tried vacations, etc. Nothing worked. It wasn't until I began to detach from the outside worlds view of success and look at what I wanted for myself that I beat depression, however, the anxiety still lingers.

Flash forward to 2017, my wife encouraged me to try art again as release. I purchased my first materials and the rest is history!

When I'm creating, I sit down and get lost. I forget where I am and at times I even neglect food lol. The anxiety releases with every completed piece. When I feel the thoughts coming on, I redirect and create. I choose bright colors as my attempt to visually bring others out of the dark.

So again, wholeheartedly, I thank you for saving my life"                                                                                   
- Pierre Aumont